Didier Drogba gets four-match ban for ‘f***ing disgrace’ outburst

Posted by - June 18, 2009 - Champions League, Chelsea

Chelsea handed Uefa sanctions

Didier Drogba has been banned for four Champions League matches, with a further two-match ban suspended for two years following Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final defeat to Barcelona. Jose Bosingwa received a three-game ban, with a one-match suspended ban, and Chelsea were fined £85,000.

The punishment has been handed out for insulting comments made to referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, although as far as OTP could see, most of the insulting comments were made to TV cameras!

Rob Faulkner, Uefa’s head of communications, said: “We have to set certain standards. We do have a ‘Respect’ campaign and the Uefa president (Michel Platini) is instrumental behind that.

“The players are key to that, in setting a good example both on and off the pitch. The club obviously has a responsibility for the way their players behave as well. All in all, that’s the reasoning for the decision.”

Chelsea are expected to appeal the decision.

  • Will

    Its a fucking disgrace!

    Just kidding! He deserved it!