Egypt employ good talkers at the back

Posted by - June 19, 2009 - International, Oddballs

A unique solution to communication problems

It is often said that modern footballers don’t talk as much on the pitch as they ought to, and that mouthy team-mates in the Jamie Carragher mould are a dying breed. Egypt have solved the problem by ensuring that a healthy proportion of their defence is called Said.

What better way to relay messages across the defence? “Oi, Moawad! Ahmed Fathi Said push-up!”

  • Anton

    Struggling for something to write about this morning are we?

    The close season is always difficult but really… is this what you’ve resorted to?

  • Ab

    As much as I like off the post, that’s one bad post.

    The name is pronounced ‘Sayyed’, and has nothing to do with the English verb.