Erm… has anybody seen Hernan?

Posted by - June 15, 2009 - International, South America

Peru leave player behind after World Cup qualifier

Peru lost one of their players after leaving the team hotel without him following their World Cup qualification match in Colombia. The squad decided to leave their base to return to Peru earlier than expected, but nobody told poor Hernan Rengifo.

The striker was left stranded in the hotel in Medellin (which I must admit wouldn’t feature particularly highly on a list of Strange Cities I’d Like To Be Left Behind In), and nobody noticed he was missing until Peru’s charter flight landed in Lima.

An understandably miffed Rengifo said: “What happened with the team and the journey will remain on the consciences of the directors. They know their responsibilities.

“The directors know what they did, they’re responsible for everyone in the team. Many things have happened in Peruvian football that it’s not surprising that unusual situations keep happening.”

As you can see, despite his best aeroplane impressions, his Lech Poznan shirt clearly marks him as someone who likes to travel by foot.