Gary Glitter’s bid for Alexandre Pato turned down

Posted by - June 25, 2009 - Italy, Transfer News and Gossip

Monster fails to lure young striker

AC Milan have revealed they have turned down a “monster offer” for Brazilian starlet Alexandre Pato. Vice president Adriano Galliani said: “The only offer that arrived was a monster offer from England, but there were and are no doubts regarding his future.”

Galliani stopped short of naming where the bid came from, but OTP put its investigative journalism skills to the test to get to the bottom of the matter. A quick trawl of the tabloids’ archives revealed that the only monster from England capable of making such a bid is, in fact, Gary Glitter.

  • alex d

    i’m not getting the connection between gary glitter and any epl team. please clear this up

  • Usama

    Look for the connection between Gary Glitter and monster.

  • Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    i am wondering about the connection between you posting Gary Glitter and MJ dying the same day.

    You killed him!

  • Rob Parker

    I was wondering that too, Chrissy! Never thought I’d see the day Jacko and Glitter were one post apart on OTP!