Get 10 per cent off Stay Chilled kit bottle coolers with Off The Post

Posted by - June 2, 2009 - Adverts and Commercial

Do you see those things in the right sidebar? Those are adverts – the money they make is what keeps Off The Post going. No adverts, no Off The Post. So if someone is kind enough to place an advert with us, if you could click it and see if it’s of interest then you are helping Off The Post and our sponsors.

Talking of which, you may or may not have noticed our advert from Stay Chilled. They offer a selection of high quality bottle coolers in Premier League kits. Given the current weather, these things are going to be particularly useful. As you will see, the designs have been professionally done and are absolutely spot-on.

As an extra bonus, Stay Chilled are giving 10 per cent off to all Off The Post readers. Simply enter the code OTP001 when prompted to get your discount.

Check the site out now.