Kitman: Lucio fails to outdo Kaka in the Jesus stakes

Posted by - June 29, 2009 - International, Kitman

Brazilian defender’s t-shirt not up to scratch

Sure you love him, but do you belong to him? Kaka’s smug look towards the slogan tells you he knows he is still football’s number one Christian. Meanwhile, the master revisited a previous classic. Check it out after the jump…

He still belongs to Jesus, but now Adidas is getting in on the act too!

  • Matty Dub

    What is with the wearing your shirt backwards?? It’s not as if the world doesn’t know who they are… Are they selling themselves for pride??

  • hollis

    Lucio: “I love Jesus too, you see? I have a shirt too.”
    Kaka: “It is our combined love for Jesus that allowed us to win such a “Holy” trophy.”
    Lucio: “Hahaha. I see what you’ve done there.”
    Silva: “Hahaha. Clever wordplay is wholesome Christian fun. Nothing like that Rob Parker MJ joke fun. Shame on him.”

    You just can’t ever imagine Christians laughing at anything that’s actually funny.

  • gary

    The one who really loves jesus only can understand what it means to glorify God!

    I would have done the same!!

    God bless you kaka!!!