Landon Donavan and Bob Bradley forced to squirm by Michael Jackson-obsessed journalists

Posted by - June 28, 2009 - Football videos, International, MLS & US

Isn’t this supposed to be about the Confederations Cup final?

Poor old Landon must have known there was trouble ahead from the minute the first journalist told him: “I’m going to make you a question, Donovan.” He goes on to ask what the impact of Michael Jackson’s death has been on the USA team and whether they will be paying tribute to him. Donovan, with a slight look of fear in his eyes, tries his best to answer the question and get things back to the matter in hand.

The unintelligible second question stumps Donovan who is totally Jackson-ed out. He hands over to coach Bob Bradley to tackle the question. Bradley is rewarded for his efforts with a follow-up question on whether Barack Obama’s campaign slogan will work for his team!

  • Ala

    Didn’t understand the second question at all!