Liverpool start selling Glen Johnson shirts

Posted by - June 19, 2009 - Kitman, Liverpool, Portsmouth

Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before
Glen Johnson Liverpool shirt
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A careless web designer has once again left a football club red-faced after Liverpool’s official website put Glen Johnson personalised shirts up for sale last night.

Rumours that the Portsmouth and England right-back is on his way to Anfield in an £18 million move have been widespread this week, but nothing has been finalised yet. In fact, The Sun is reporting that the move has stalled as Chelsea placed a bid.

But fans browsing the Reds’ online shop last night were able to select “Johnson, TBC” for the back of their shirts. A little presumptuous, we thought.

If all this is giving you a vague sense of deja vu, it is because Chelsea did exactly the same thing with Robinho last season. And we all know how that ended!

Spotted by Brooks at Dirty Tackle, who was hanging around the Liverpool site waiting to order his new away shirt…

  • Bonjovis

    yeah, good for football. thank for the post.

  • dave the red

    Well his names not there today!!! Read from that as you will!! He was also meant to have a medical on wednesday. Looks like Chelses have got there man back!!
    Sad state of affairs at Anfield.
    Get rid of the yanks now!! it ll only get worse the longer they stay :-(

  • Alan the red.

    His name is not on today because he hasn’t signed for us yet & he can’t possibly have had a medical on wednesday because he is on holiday till the weekend just more mischevious hype from the press.

  • Brooks

    I haven’t been so horrified at a misrepresentation of myself since that time someone said I practice cannibalism on the weekends (it’s really just on Monday mornings).

    Come on, Chels.

  • matt, chelsea fan

    come on the chels! we got are man, who needs scouser land! sorry liverpool

  • andy

    matt go and suck your mums dick mate