Manchester City striker makes racism allegation

Posted by - June 26, 2009 - Manchester City

Caicedo a little too black to be dining out in Ecuador

Manchester City’s Felipe Caicedo has issued a writ against the owners of a restaurant in his native Ecuador, accusing them of racism. Caicedo was searched and asked to identify himself by police while holidaying in the port city of Guayaquil.

The police were called by the owners of El Porton restaurant who suspected the striker of being a “delinquent”. Caicedo’s lawyer Luz Maria Pico said: “If he’d been blond, white, with blues eyes…they’d have said what a fine businessman. They made him raise his arms, they frisked him and treated him like a delinquent.”

The restaurant owners claim a worried diner had asked them to make the call.

  • Vlad The Impaler

    Is it racist to refer to it as “his native restaurant” as you have done above?

  • ctid

    is it not racist to insinuate he would have been left alone if he were white? it saddens me when i hear of an incident like this, but why not just blame it on the reastaraunt? why turn into a bitter race debate?

  • trueblue

    only those who have never been faced with racism would comment as the above has.

  • trueblue

    oh and p.s..native as in his native land …duh !

  • ctid

    re trueblue, i am a black male who has faced racism many times my friend. I have also seen friends of mine hide behind racism as an excuse for things they have done wrong. Just because it was in his native land does not mean to say the staff at the reastaraunt had to have the same colour skin as him duh! or indeed the person who made the alledged complaint. Think before you write.

  • katrina frances ingram

    lol, why does this have anything to do with him being black? last week i was asked to show proof of age at 25, although my younger sister at 22 was not asked, should i claim this is because i have ginger hair? no, that would be ridiculous, and so is this claim. unfortunately too many people of ethnic minority play the racism card far too often, for almost any reason. i recently saw a youth denied entry onto a bus because his pass had expired, he then became abusive and claimed that the bus driver was being racist, its laughable and give the like a bad name. evolution, a civilised mentality, decency and common sense seems to have left these people far behind, they would be better suited to the outrageous claims made in the 15th century.

  • Rob Parker

    @katrina frances ingram – Think there’s a bit of a difference between getting asked for ID and getting searched by the police just for looking like a “delinquent”.

  • http://donalddonaldson donald donaldson

    your gigner thats disgusting

  • donald donaldson

    your ginger thats disgusting

  • katrina frances ingram

    yeah, i agree, but neither can be considered racism, can it?

  • Josie

    Oh brother… the client making the complaint must have been a financial high flyer in the country if the owner felt compelled to call the police. What snobery!