Michael Owen sends round brochure advertising Michael Owen

Posted by - June 15, 2009 - Newcastle United, Transfer News and Gossip

When getting ‘sources close to you’ to tell the press where you want to go fails…

Newcastle striker (for a few more days at least) Michael Owen has created a glossy brochure offering his services to a selection of Premier League clubs he has taken a fancy to. The 34-page document tells the chosen clubs why Michael Owen is the man for them.

Owen’s management company Wasserman Media Group has sent to eight top-flight clubs, including Aston Villa, Everton, Portsmouth and West Ham. And just in case the likes of Randy Lerner have no idea what they are being sold, WMG make sure to boast about Owen’s clean-cut image, commercial value and goalscoring prowess and include a medical report.

Sam Rush, WMG’s chief operating officer, said: “Although there’s been interest from abroad, Michael told us he’d prefer to stay in the Prem. So after the season ended, we prepared a document showing all the information an interested club would require and this was circulated to a select group.

“We have provided a complete analysis of every Newcastle first-team game in the previous two years, knowing that Michael had appeared in 77 per cent of them.

“We also included a medical report and answers to frequently-asked questions, as well as a review of his commercial benefits and international name awareness. Our aim is to ensure Michael secures the most appropriate career move before the end of the transfer window.”

It is believed to be the first time a Premier League player has employed suchdesperate measures tactics to generate a transfer.

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