Q. What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Sir Alex Ferguson?

Posted by - June 26, 2009 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Obligatory football-themed Michael Jackson joke

A. Sir Alex will still be playing Giggs in August.

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  • rc1978

    Out of order….

  • Mic

    Let’s have some respect, a father has died at a young age and has affected millions, it’s not time to try and score cheap laughs, RIP.

  • http://www.twofootedtackle.com Chris Nee

    Works for me! Saw this joke last night and laughed my nose off.

  • lee

    you piece of shit show some respect you insignificant worthless piece of scum hope ur friends make jokes about ur families death SCUM!!!!!! R.I.P MICHAEL

  • Tim Sherwood

    I wouldnt go as far to say that the author is scum, but it is most certainly too soon for this kind of joke. I read a host of blogs including WAALP,The Spoiler, Dirty Tackle ect ect and off the post is the only one to resort to cheap and offensive jokes.

    You guys must be finding good news hard to come by ay?

  • robo

    this suxx….

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    Please, there are hundreds of jokes doing the internet and text rounds and this is one of very few that doesn’t refer to certain activities that a lot of people seem to have forgotten about today.

  • Tim Sherwood

    rob parker, i understand there are hundreds of jokes going around. But saying you’ve chosen a slightly less offensive one is a very poor excuse. Its still offensive and way too soon. Im unsure as to why yours is the only blog whos turned their hand to Jackson jokes.

    the word i would use is distateful.

    a simple apology would probably limit the damage significantly.

  • http://www.offthepost.info Rob Parker

    I’m afraid, Tim, that OTP is “dedicated to providing you with a humorous and irreverent look at the beautiful game.”

    We don’t stop when a paedophile departs.

    I wasn’t suggesting that I chose a slightly less offensive joke (I posted a football-related joke). I was suggesting that the seemingly sensitive eyes of some commenters would be seeing a lot worse over the coming days.

  • Tim Sherwood

    Well in that case, thankyou for looking out for our ‘sensitive eyes’ by preparing us for offensive jokes with…offensive jokes. How kind.

    My point was merely that your aim of providing an ‘irreverent look at the beautiful game’, should do just that. Focus on football. Not casting accusations (be they true or not) at some one who at the end of the day had died premiturely, and left behind young children.

    To be fair, when news is thin and your scrapping the barell for gags then i guess you have no choice but to see whats scraps of non football related news you can pick up off other sites.

  • acleit@wm.edu

    It’s never too soon to make fun of dead people… they’re dead. They don’t know any better. If you’re truly upset over some child molester dying b/c he used to make good music, then get a grip on life.

  • Mic

    So because other people do it that justifies you doing it? Paedophile? Really? I thought he was found innocent? Please have some respect, don’t try to further justify it by falsely claiming he was a pedo, someone has just died and you’re making jokes? You wanna sort yourself out mate, but whatever, you may provide a different view on football but you could at least try to have some respect too, his kids now don’t have a father, funny ain’t it? …

  • aclei

    @mic…I’d rather be fatherless than have that freak as my dad.

  • jill

    This always happens when tragedy strikes, people write jokes doesn’t matter who it is, Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury even Elvis did not escape. I think Michael Jackson was briliant, made fantastic music. I thought the joke was funny and clever. Tim when you are in the limelight this happens, rightly or wrongly you are at the hands of the public. You said it was too soon, if Rob had left it a couple of days everyone would have heard it…. more crtisism. It was a football related joke. I’m sure all the people who have left a comment do also remember a families loss.

  • Zekky

    Boooo…at least wait until Monday.

  • Maria


  • rava

    bad timing and probably in bad taste, but funny nonetheless.
    lighten up people, calling the author “scum” is a bit OTT.

  • Deano

    Haha!!!!!! That’s hilarious. Some ppl need to lighten up a bit

  • Will

    Great stuff. Loving this too (if you’ve moaned about that joke don’t bother with the link)


  • kate

    Not a big fan of the joke, but more offended by the hypocrisy too be honest. People have been having a laugh on MJ for years and now he is dead it is supposed to be more offensive/harmful to his kids?

    He was skink and working too hard for his age and health to get ready for the London gigs because he wa broke. The minute he dies his albums go to the Top 15 on Amazon. Maybe if those who suddenly need his albums had bought them before it was too late…

  • DB

    LOL Hilarious!

  • http://carlyluvsunited.blogspot.com Carliona Trocina

    A shit site like this finds themselves so desperate for readers that they publish something like this which then goes to be sen by millions of people on News Now. Let’s hope people see you people for what you are. Cheap little gutter press assholes scraping around for hits to your website, LMFAO. Well done.

  • Dennis Kitchens

    Why does it matter when the joke is made? I get a sense that people’s objection is that “it is too soon”. Is it OK making it 2 weeks later, when the person is still dead, and his family still grieves, but when everyone has calmed down and got a sense of perspective? I find the wailing about the death and the supposed requirement to grieve for someone I never knew more offensive. Such jokes simply reflect society’s obsession with celebrity dead or alive. Keep up the good work Rob.

    And anyway, the jokes are funnier the day after.

  • http://www.diehardgamefan.com Mohamed S.

    I notice I always get in trouble whenever someone famous dies. I apologize to everyone for not worshiping MJ! But let me say this:
    Fuck Michael Jackson. I’m tired about his hearing about his fucking death. So many people die all the time. And they aren’t pedophiles, highly likely pedophiles, suspicious in their interaction with children or god knows what else. If he did something like cure cancer or brought on world peace then yes I’d say a joke is out of place. But right now? MJ is only useful for jokes.

  • treson

    I agree with Carliona Trocina cheap hits trick talk football not trash

  • Randy BoBandy

    Well Carolina YOU found yourself on this “shit” site…who’s in the gutter now?

    Lighten up…MJ was in flailing health, this wasn’t sudden and shouldn’t come as a shock. He was subject to jokes loooooooooooong before his passing, so they are not going to cease because he is no longer with us. Maybe if he didn’t think he was the re-incarnation of Peter Pan these jokes wouldn’t have begun in the first place, but that speaks for itself.

  • Louwrens

    Does it make a difference whether you make jokes 5 minutes or 5 days after someone dies? It’s not like any of you knew him personally, get over yourselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Usama-Waheed/899210433 Usama Waheed

    On the other hand, this excellent joke that was applicable pre-25th June:

    Q. What’s the difference between a grocery bag and Michael Jackson?
    A. One’s white, plastic, and a hazard to children, the other’s just a grocery bag.

  • hollis

    I heard it was food poisoning that got him in the end.

    Apparently he ate some 12 year old nuts.

    The Sir Alex joke is the least offensive by far. Ligthen up OTP viewers!