Setanta aim to make England v Kazakhstan cliche free

Posted by - June 5, 2009 - England, International, Oddballs

It’s all for charidee, mate
Football cliches

Setanta Sports commentators Jon Champion and Chris Waddle have been handed a potential banana skin as they attempt to come through Saturday’s match between England and Kazakhstan without dropping in any football cliches.

The cash-strapped broadcaster has promised £5,000 to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, but they will knock £100 off the donation for every hackneyed phrase trailed out by their commentary team.

Setanta’s PR team Waddle said: “I’m as ‘sick as a parrot’ about this, particularly as there are ‘no easy games in international football’! Seriously though, it’s a bit of fun to see if Jon and I can get through the match without using any football clichés and the better we do, the more money Setanta will donate to the Bobby Moore Fund.”

The stunt follows a recent survey conducted by Setanta to find the most annoying football cliche. The results were:

1. “At the end of the day” (18%)
2. “On paper…” (16%)
3. “A game of two halves” (14%)
4. “This game needs a goal” (12%)
5. “There are no easy games in international football” (10%)
6. “For a big lad, he’s good with his feet” (9%)
7. “A funny old game” (8%)
8. “This free-kick is in Beckham-range” (7%)
9. “Setting out their stall” (4%)
10. “End-to-end stuff” (2%)

Hopefully, ITV won’t attempt this on an Arsenal matchday. David Pleat is likely to drop a cliche every time the ball goes down Arsenal’s left!

  • Kennedy

    First they cough up 5M pounds for the prevelige to show England away, they then unsurprisingly ask fans to cough up a tenner to watch the game (now reduced to 7:50). On top of which they then ask terestrial TV to pay 1M quid for the right to show the high -lights. The last England game Sentanta televised they caught a cold to the tune of 3M quid because their viewing figuers were pathetic and this time its go’na be worse. Serves the greedy S*** right for depriving poor kids of highlights of the national game because thier parents cant afford Sentantas ransome fees . ITV’s audience for Wensday match will probebly top 10 million and I bet they rake it in from advertisers. So there you go Setanta offer ITV 100,000 quid for the highlights and I bet they will have your hand off, but Setanta anit going to lay out that sort of money for a 100 viewers. Setanta and Mr Murdockshould keep an eye out for highlight special offers by terestrial TV of the world cup games 2010 in SA.