Theo Walcott grew dodgy facial hair to stop Arsenal jibes

Posted by - June 6, 2009 - 'Do Are Ya?, Arsenal

Baby-faced striker reckons mean whiskers stop him getting bullied

Theo Walcott has revealed that he grew his barely visible facial hair to stop team-mates from picking on his boyish looks. The Arsenal striker (is that what he is these days, or not?) grew the bum fluff to stop name-calling from other Arsenal players.

Walcott said: “They used to call me Sweet Little Boy. That’s why I grew the beard and moustache. They can’t use that any more.”

On an apparently separate issue, he added: “I want to be like Ryan Giggs. Deep down all players want what Giggsy’s got – medals, goals, everything but most of all trophies.”

Yeah, right, Most of all a hairy chest and a decent five o’clock shadow, methinks!

  • Louwrens

    He grew THAT so that people would NOT think he was a kid??

  • Kasia

    Now he looks like a little kid with beard and moustache.

  • Usama

    Let’s back up their a second. Giggs and goals was banned from being used in the same sentence about 5 years ago.