Top 10 conclusions USA 2-3 Brazil

Posted by - June 29, 2009 - Conclusions, International, Lists

1. USA are not the Undisputed Global Soccerball World Series Super Champions just yet.

2. Wearing scarves needn’t prevent you winning international tournaments.

3. Brazil never know when they are supposed to be beaten.

4. OTP expects to see some unusual candidates in the semi-finals of next year’s World Cup. The big players of the top teams look set to be cream crackered after another gruelling domestic season.

5. If USA had held out for victory I would have been reminding every one it was only a Mickey Mouse competition. As it is, I will instead have to conclude that Lucio gives his tears away very cheaply if he cries over winning the Confederations Cup!

6. Another good reason for goalline technology. As far as I could see, the final score should have been 2-4.

7. I’m going to request that Sepp Blatter kiss the star player of all of England’s World Cup opponents if his pre-match slobbering over Kaka was the cause of the Brazilian’s below-par performance.

8. What’s the world coming to? USA score two very Brazilian goals and Brazil rely on two headers to get back into the match.

9. Our Twitter friend Jozy Altidore needs to get himself out of Spain and into the Premier League. His pace and bulky frame has got English football written all over it.

10. On behalf of England, I would like to say: “You’re welcome, America.” Our finest soccer missionary clearly whipped you into shape in not time at all.

  • Joe

    Yeah I didn’t really get why Lucio was so emotional. He’s won the World Cup, can this really compare?

    This is very encouraging for the US. They’ve managed to score 4 goals in 2 matches vs. Brazil and Spain, not too shabby at all.