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Top 10 Premier League players to drop into conversation as fictional swear words

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  • Mic

    I couldn’t give a Dickson Etuhu he is. LOL

  • Pedro

    You can Andrei Kanchelskis my backside.

  • Usama

    This article is Ballack for not including Ballack? 😀

  • Rob Parker

    Too obvious!

  • Paul

    Shove this up your Assou-Ekotto

  • Zemaldo

    Your mum gave me Arbeloa job.

  • Usama

    Example: It’s a Drogba disgrace.

    Okay, that was terrible.

  • JH

    Norwegian 2. division video:

    While celebrating a goal Christian Gauseth accidentally pokes Karl Morten Håland in the eye.

    Christian Gauseth’s comment:
    “I did acctually feel my fingers slip into his eye ball. It was almost like pressing a finger down a pack of butter.

  • Mohamed S.

    Where’s Danny Shittu?

  • Sport Review

    haha, yeah how come no ballack? what a load of ballacks

  • Usama

    What an Arshavin…

  • Mizman

    He is acting like a right Bednar

  • joe

    I’ve gotta run for the loo, I’ve gone a bit pantsil.

  • williamhill

    remember stefan kuntz?

    i know he never played in the epl, but damn hilarious of a name.

  • http://Donaldmaunde@yahoo.Com Donaldmaunde

    I believe that you are all suffering from ‘Insomia’ or is it ‘Nzo***?