Top six conclusions on the new fixture list

Posted by - June 17, 2009 - Championship, Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

The laptop has spoken

1. Newcastle and West Brom get to play Premier League for one more week. That will be nice for them!

2. It is a baptism of fire for Birmingham. They will be hoping an opening day tonking by Manchester United doesn’t set the tone for the season.

3. Chelsea v Liverpool at Anfield on 1 May is already looking like a massive game.

4. Arsenal don’t play another Big Four team after 9 February. I was going to conclude that if they are doing well at that stage they will be in a good position for a title challenge, but they will probably lose to Sunderland, Stoke, Burnley and Hull after that!

5. Everton fans, you can feel hard done by. Sunderland is not exactly the geographically closest club to play on Boxing Day.

6. Most of them will change when Sky get their hands on it anyway!

  • @MichaelCox

    We’ve made point number (3) for the past five years, and almost every year it’s turned out to be a dead rubber! A Chelsea – United game at Old Trafford a few years ago was meant to be a big one, but Chelsea had already wrapped up the league, and we were treated to the bizarre sight of a Chelsea reserve side being given a ‘guard of honour’ from a United reserve side…cracking Tiago goal though.

    It’s far more likely, that with the Champions League semi-final second leg three days before, we’ll be sick of Chelsea-Liverpool games…