Top six hypocritical Gareth Barry quotes

Posted by - June 2, 2009 - Aston Villa, Champions League, Lists, Liverpool, Manchester City

Six of the best from the man who said “I don’t want to be eating my own words”

As super-ambitious Gareth Barry finally fulfils his lifelong dream of playing Champions League football having a rich Arab sugar daddy, OTP looks back at his careful £££ though-process £££ behind the £££ move.

1. “My mind’s made up, I want to join Liverpool. There’s no going back, it’s time for me to move on. I’m desperate to play Champions League football and that’s why I have to leave Villa.”

2. “This year, in terms of England, it has not been a problem for me not playing Champions League football. I have played in the UEFA Cup, I’ve played regularly for my country this last 12 months. It is not the be-all and end-all to be playing in the Champions League but it does help coming into the World Cup playing at the top level.”
World Cup worries are put on the backburner.

3. “There’s nowhere else I would want to be playing at the highest level. It’s easy for me to want Aston Villa to play Champions League football.”
So a sideways move is out of the question, right?

4. “Come next summer, once the speculation starts again, I hope Aston Villa will be in a strong bargaining position. At the same time, I don’t want to be sitting here holding the club to ransom, saying, ‘It’s the top four or I’m off’. It’s about improving and making strides forward.”
Well, to be fair he didn’t mention the top four this summer!

5. “If I’m playing Champions League football, there’s no need to look elsewhere. That would have to be a definite. I don’t want to be eating my own words.”
So if they had finished fourth you would have stayed, but because they finished sixth you had to go to the team that finished tenth?

6. “I hope the Villa fans understand. I have given my all for the club for 10 years and I’m only leaving because now I need to test myself at the very highest level.”
The very highest level of mid-table Premier League football, that is.

  • Joe

    I know it is difficult for any fan to lose a talisman…but if anyone would turn down a chance to double their wages, put your hand up.

  • Rob Parker

    True, Joe. The difference being that one week’s wages at Villa, Liverpool, Arsenal or Man City would change most people’s lives completely. OK he’s doubled his money, but how many more cars, houses etc does he need that he couldn’t get on his existing wage or the amount Liverpool would have paid him?

    I think it shows a lack of ambition and flies in the face of all the stuff he was spouting last summer.

  • Joe

    Well I think it is human nature to always want more. You or I would be very happy with 60K per week. But someone who makes that already, may still want 100K.
    Greedy? You bet it is.

    It certainly does wreak of a lack of ambition. My only guess is maybe he assumes City will amass enough other talent over the course of the summer to challenge for a CL spot this coming season. Even then, if it all went to plan he wouldn’t set foot on a CL pitch until he was 30.

  • chris

    since you don’t get many articles DEFENDING barry, i decided to write one here:

    any visits/comments would be greatly appreciated.

    i think ppl are way to quick to jump on barry – would you not take that money to move to a club with such high potential? id take a lot less.

  • Eddy

    i don’t care what any of u say,iv been watching villa play since i was five,all i can say is hes doing it for the money,would you take 100k at a club that has done nothing for u,or 60k at a club that made you what you are???,i know my answer,but when he comes back to villa park with man city,MAN WILL I BOO MY HEART OUT TO THAT JUDAS!!!