Video: David Beckham attempts to talk football to a crowd more interested in his pants

Posted by - June 15, 2009 - Football videos

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One would imagine The Beatles occasionally got tired of writing new songs only to have them drowned out by the screams of young women whenever they tried to play them. Likewise David Beckham. Well, he hasn’t written a new ditty, but he did want to tell everyone how high confidence was is Fabio Capello’s squad after victory over Andorra.

The assorted collection of photographers, stalkers and passers-by just wanted to see him in his pants.

  • Rob

    Great to see the MLS ambassador is busy with his team in Los Angeles, I really hope those Galaxy fans boo his every touch

  • Carson

    Rob – An event like this is why they bought him.

  • Jan

    Hey rob,

    The rest of the world loves him even you do not. jealous????

  • Rob

    I’m jealous of Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Messi, they will all be playing in the Champions League next year instead of trying to further their images. Beckham would still be playing for Man Utd if football was his real love, but Fergie got pissed off with his personal commitments.