Video: Goalkeeper awards himself free-kick, referee doesn’t

Posted by - June 3, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs

Play to the whistle, son

This bizarre action comes from a Norwegian second division match between Skeid Oslo and LovHam. Skeid keeper Beau Molenaar will forever curse the advantage rule after this incident. A LovHam attack breaks down after the ball is played through to their striker in an offside position, and the ball travels through to Molenaar.

The keeper calmly rolls the boll out to the spot where the offside took place ready to take a free-kick. The only problem is that the referee hasn’t awarded a free-kick since Skeid had possession anyway. LovHam’s Arve Walde is able to sneak in to score a very strange goal.

Spotted on 101GG