Video: Joe Hart’s mad dancing skills

Posted by - June 19, 2009 - England, Football videos, Manchester City, Oddballs

England U21 keeper shows you his moves

England under 21 skipper Nedum Onuoha has outed himself as the cameraman behind this clip of team-mate Joe Hart showing off some crazy dance moves. The performance took place last year when the pair were rooming together on Manchester City duty.

Onuoha said: “I filmed his dance that is now all over YouTube! I put it on my MySpace page under private, but someone got it off and sent it to Soccer AM. They deleted out my voice and Joe was sure I had stitched him up but I hadn’t. It is funny, though!”

While Hart might like a good boogie, he doesn’t get too far without a DJ to put his tunes on as his technical inadequacies often threaten to stop his party. Onuoha added: “I get the likes of Joe Hart coming to me, saying the language setting on his iTunes has changed when we’re abroad. Rather than just looking at it himself and working out that he just has to click on the English icon, he comes to me!”

Good to see a new generation of thick footballers coming through. The academy system is vindicated!

  • Will

    Thats an interesting way to practice agility training….

  • Mic

    Boy has some moves! lol

  • Wayne Rooney – Gay Icon

    I’ll give him one thing, he has a lovely arse on him.