Video: Robbie Keane autographs his penalty miss

Posted by - June 12, 2009 - Arsenal, Football videos, Oddballs, Tottenham

Classic schoolboy prank from Gunners

Airports can be pretty dull places, but not when the cheeky scamps from the Arsenal Supporters Club Bulgaria are on hand. Allegedly waiting at Sofia airport to greet Gunners legend Liam Brady as the Republic of Ireland team landed, the group had also come armed to play a prank on Spurs striker Robbie Keane.

Keane was asked to sign a couple of autographs and duly obliged, only for it to emerge that he had just signed a photo of him missing a penalty during Spurs’ defeat to Arsenal in December 2007.

See the signed photo after the jump.

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  • tom

    and we wonder WHY there is a distance between the fan and players, and why they will not stop too sign autographs. well now we have our answer, only hope keane will not let the 2 fools cloud his judgement and waive away someone in a wheelchair

  • eddieken

    Sad Arsenal fans, if this tickles their fancy then they are completely Pathetic and trophyless for the last how many years? Keane may just have the last laugh on the Bulgar tw*ts as Ireland might take the play off place from Bulgaria as well. COYS

  • Paul

    Hehe- I see we hit a nerve with a couple of the tiny totts in the comments here. Nice work!

  • Michael Meade

    Lol! Thats so funny! ill be sure to get Fabianski signature on my Spurs 5 Arsholes 1 shirt next time

  • Jay

    So much antagonism over a small prank, ha.