Video: Why Sky Sports News might be looking for a new cameraman this morning

Posted by - June 6, 2009 - Football videos, League Two

That’s a bit harsh

This poor chap wants to talk about Notts County’s takeover, but ends up with a caption he probably didn’t want. In the process Sky Sports managed to create the most prominent use of the c-word in one of their reports since they stopped asking Steven Bywater onto their shows!

  • Cathal Breathnach


    I had to watch that twice before I got it!


  • AnnieAura

    I still don’t get it?!

  • Andrew Robson

    If you dont want to know dont read this,

    but i believe its to do with the seats. XD

  • Louwrens

    Only got it right towards the end.. good spot. Subtle.

  • Drefooty

    I had to read it twice too, but how unfortunate.

  • Glenn Wally

    If you knew the bloke (Notts’ weasel of a chairman, John Armstrong Holmes), you’d have spotted it straight away. The only surprise is that it wasn’t preceded by the words “Slimy, self-obsessed, manipulative, lying…”

  • Grainy

    Agreed, I can’t think of a better caption to go with JAH, at least he won’t be in charge much longer!