Video: You might score a goal… BUT YOU’LL NEVER GET A CORNER!

Posted by - June 9, 2009 - Football videos, International

UAE keeper gets his priorities muddled

Most keepers would rather avoid conceding a corner if at all possible, but when it is a straight choice between conceding a corner or conceding a goal common sense dictates that the corner would be preferable. But common sense is apparently something United Arab Emirates goalie Majed Naser is lacking.

He makes a desperate attempt to stop the ball going out of play for a corner, instead opting to leave Ki Sung-yung with an easy tap-in.

  • Nik

    Ball clearly goes out for a corner @15 seconds. Needs more player protests

  • wykell

    Yeah, ball is 100% out of bounds where I stopped it, right at about :16 0 – would have been an easy call, if the Assistant Referee was actually doing his job. Oh well.