What could Real Madrid possibly want Antonio Valencia for?

Posted by - June 25, 2009 - Manchester United, Transfer News and Gossip, Wigan Athletic

Spaniards attempt at gossip column monopoly continues

Real Madrid’s transfer policy is beginning to frazzle OTP’s brain a little bit. Granted many of the hundreds of reports about Real being interested in particular players are entirely fabricated, but clearly some are not. And one of those is their chase for Wigan’s Antonio Valencia.

The Latics have confirmed that both Real and Manchester United have had bids of £14-18 million for their winger accepted. Man Utd are clearly trying to bag a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. Indeed, considerable newspaper column inches have been devoted to debating whether the Ecuadorian is up to that task.

Real, on the other hand, will have Ronaldo. The real deal. Old news though it may be, they also broke the world transfer record to sign Kaka not so long ago. And they are also rumoured to be interested in Franck Ribery.

So where does Valencia fit into this? Does Ronaldo really need an £18 million understudy? The only thing we can think of is that Real are trying to force United to play without a right winger next season by purchasing all possible candidates.

Any ideas?

  • Matty Dub

    They same to be taking the Chelsea route from when they first got the money. Which was buy everybody that the big clubs are interested in…

  • coqui

    Maybe what real wants is to put Antonio as defensive mid..he is a very complete player and has played on that pósition in The ecuadorián team making a really good job very similar to makelele i hope real had discover that fact

  • Louwrens

    It’s obvious! Real will buy Valencia then offer him to Valencia CF in a cash + player swop for David Villa, so that we can finally experience the treat of Valencia playing for Valencia.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1411886749 Matthew Pritchard

    I’m guessing you now know why they wanted him, and why United are now offering an improved contract to keep him (even though his current deal has two years on it). Have you ever seen Ashley Cole’s head popping out from Ronaldo’s pocket? I haven’t. He was well and truly in it on Sunday though. Valencia is world class… Real had their chance and decided against it, but Fergie knew it all along. n

  • Anonymous

    Not really, Matthew. He’s been amazing at United, no doubt about that, but would Fergie have signed him if he still had Ronaldo at this disposal? I’m not so sure.