Xabi Alonso wades in on the financial crisis and politics

Posted by - June 22, 2009 - Liverpool

Football in financial awareness shocker!

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso has revealed that footballers are feeling the pinch of recession and said it was up to Britain’s political leaders to address the problem of his dwindling salary.

“Of course we footballers think about it; we are not stupid, we keep an eye on it. When you see your contract down by 30 per cent you cannot be happy. I cannot do anything – it must be Gordon Brown or David Cameron,” he said, reading a pink newspaper and puffing on a pipe.

Readjusting his monocle, he added: “I think the weakness of the sterling is not helping the Premiership because for those competing and fighting against the European teams it is a big weak point.”

If you are wondering what Alonso’s beef (or judging by those quotes, veal) is, the weak pound has seen his income drop in comparison to his compatriots still playing at home (yes, we know they are mostly at Liverpool but there are still some in Spain).

Alonso signed a five-year contract with Liverpool in 2007 worth £65,000 a week. At the time that worked out at €96,200 per week but as the pound has fallen so have Alonso’s wages, down to a paltry €76,700 a week.

When the 50p tax rate for Britain’s highest earners comes into effect next April, his wages will drop to €69,000 a week. That is €27,200 a week less than he was earning in 2007. So the Spaniard will be a considerable lottery win down every year.

How is he supposed to live on that?

  • samuel charles

    sell him, greedy fucker

  • Mic

    I think it’s obvious, we need a footballing charity, maybe release a song for them and the proceeds go to the poor premier league footballers. I hope action aid is taking fucking notice! x

  • Joe

    He’s got Bentley payments to make!

  • Seh

    What? The comments on this story are so stupid. He’s a professional athlete, his wage standards are different then any other job and so are his life standards because of it. Secondly, in comparison to what other players get played ( especially MauUnited, Chelsea and ManCity) he’s not as well paid.

  • Joe

    Seh…if he’s not happy with his contract, he should re-negotiate. If he gets a better deal then good for him. But nobody’s going to feel bad for someone who’s pulling in more in a week than we do in a year. When people are losing their jobs and their savings a footballer lamenting only getting 69K isn’t going to draw much sympathy, and the fact that Ronaldo is getting EVEN MORE really doesn’t matter one way or another.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Loyiso-Jiya/100000005363229 Loyiso Jiya

    Spanish star wants vuvuzelas banned, Spanish fans want Africans banned
    Just a day after Spanish football star Xabi Alonso called on FIFA to ban vuvuzela horns, Spanish fans have called on the football body to ban Africans. “They are just so black,” said fan Enrique de Torquemada. “And there are so many of them here in Africa. It is very upsetting.” Meanwhile South Africans have asked the Spanish to stop lisping.

    Alonso was widely quoted this week referring to vuvuzelas as an “annoyance” that should be banned.

    However, FIFA godfather Sepp Blatter has defended the horns.

    “South African football is all about noise, excitement, shouting and enjoyment,” he said. “And sometimes goals. But mostly just noise.”

    Alonso’s South African hosts say they are taking the star’s complaints seriously, despite “Xabi” meaning “doos” in the ancient San language.

    “Obviously as a footballer Mr Alonso is a very unique person,” said Confederations Cup local organizer Sonnyboy Laduma. “I mean, it’s not everyone who has a Grade 9 education, is unemployable after 35, and who spends hours every day training to kick an inflated sack in to a net, who then tries to dictate the culture of another continent.”

    However, Laduma confirmed that Alonso was not alone in feeling that Africa needed to change to suit Spanish tastes.

    He said that thousands of Spanish supporters had signed a petition asking FIFA to ban not only vuvuzelas but Africans as well.

    “Apparently when they bought their airline tickets nobody told them that Africa is full of Africans,” explained Laduma.

    According to fan Ignacio Tortilla, the Confederations Cup has been an “ordeal”.

    “Wherever you look it’s just Africans,” he said. “Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racist, but do they really have to be so aggressive with all the singing and smiling and hand-shaking?”

    Florida de Porpoise, a retired Jew-bater from Barcelona, said he would have no problem with Africans “if they only tried to be more European”.

    “We’re not asking for a lot,” said de Porpoise. “Just perhaps a little hair relaxant, some cigarettes, and an overwhelming sense of the futility of hope.”

    Meanwhile, a delegation of South Africans has asked visiting Spaniards to stop lisping.

    “For God’s sake, English is our sixth language and we can still say ‘s’,” said Jumpstart Moloi, who led the delegation to the Spanish embassy this morning.

    “It’s not Nelthon Mandela, okay? It’s Nelson. Nelssssson.”

    He also appealed to Spaniards to “think long and hard” before asking locals for directions to Thanton Thquare and the thocker thtadium at Thocker Thity.

    “Spanish is just such a freaking ugly language,” said Moloi. “It’s all just ‘eth eth eth eth’. FIFA should do something.”