Alan Shearer finally gets his job sorted

Posted by - July 29, 2009 - Newcastle United

But it’s at MOTD

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker expects pundit-turned-manager-turned-man-in-limbo Alan Shearer to be snuggling up to him on the sofa this season. The ex-England striker says he believes the, erm, ex-England striker will be joining him on the BBC’s football coverage.

He said: “Shearer will be in the studio with us unless something dramatic happens. It is such a shame that a big club like that can be in a terrible mess. It is hard to know what will happen.”

Lineker was backed-up by the BBC’s head of TV sport Philip Bernie. He said: “We expect Alan to be there as a pundit. That’s the plan. We understand he is in a difficult situation which is not of his making – but he’s got a contract with us and we expect him to return.

“He’s been very reasonable with us and kept us informed of his situation. If he did decide to leave then that’s something we would have to sit down and discuss with him and his representatives. But we don’t envisage that happening.”

Newcastle fans will be pleased to know that even Shearer is now resigned to starting the season with Chris Hughton in charge of the club.

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    You have to love that picture… everyone else trying to look cool, aloof or menancing except Lawro who looks like a cross between Dot Cotton and my perpetually bewildered great aunt Biddy!