Breathe easy, folks. Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid is finito. It’s been emotional

Posted by - July 1, 2009 - Manchester United, Transfer News and Gossip

The ‘t’ as in Cristiano is crossed, the subsequent ‘i’ dotted

OTP would like to dedicate this moment to Joao, who advised us: “Don’t start making movies where there aren’t any.” That was after we told you that Ronaldo had admitted he was taking Spanish lessons in January.

And a shout out to everyone who called us nasty names when we had a joke about Ronaldo throwing his United shirt away!

As for C-Ron, he finally gets to hook up with his best mate Marcelo.

PS Have you heard the rumour that Antonio Valencia wants to leave in January?!

  • Mic

    Ahhh classy site, SCORE! Just insult the people that view the site by pretty much saying “I told you so” quite desperate…

  • Joao

    AHAHAH,yes, im the same Joao and i gotta say, you made me laugh man =D proudest moment of my month so far and a dream come true.And regarding the gringo that in that referred post made a comment saying that 98 percent of portuguese people cannot speak spanish, 98 seems a very scientific number indeed, he might as well shut up and go to portugal to get his facts straight

  • The Big Football

    Let’s see how the new era develops at Real.

  • Rob Parker


    The one person I namechecked was Joao who, as you can see, took this in the manner it was intended. If people want to come on the site and dish it out they’ve got to be able to take it back.