Carlos Tevez fined by Manchester United for allegedly trashing his house

Posted by - July 20, 2009 - Manchester City, Manchester United

City signing docked wages for broken furniture and dog damage

Carlos Tevez had his last wage packet from Manchester United docked after club officials found £30,000 worth of damage to the house they rented for him. The Sun reports that Manchester City’s new signing had money taken from his pay to cover the cost of the “trashed” £1.5 million mansion in Prestbury.

Furniture in the house was reportedly damaged and the Argentinian’s dogs were said to have ruined several items.

A “United source” said: “The house was a tip and we made Carlos pay. We don’t know who was responsible. But the matter has now been resolved.”

  • wllmhll

    how rock and roll of him.

  • llhmllw

    i hope he threw the tv out of the 2nd storey window

  • Ted

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  • http://google alan

    dirty bastard again

  • Blue

    Alan, you are a cock, son.

  • TJ

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  • C Tevez

    Ferguson did it, he came round when i was out with Kia signing for gods own club, and he totally trashed my pad, i think he’d been on the whiskey, cos i found 12 empty bottles of the worlds finest malts. they wasnt mine i cant stand the stuff.

  • Burt

    We all know red nose Fergie loves a tip of the bottle.