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Cristiano Ronaldo admits he dresses like a girl

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  • Zekky

    Could that shirt be any tighter or those shorts any shorter?

  • Will

    The 80s footballers called. They want the shorts back.

  • tavo

    Ok fine, I can deal with the tight shirt and short shorts, but the pink hat and flower!!!! ARGGHGHG

  • Lenny

    He is gay. Can’t you tell?

  • Dresses

    I experienced mixed emotions to know that. I would certainly have liked him not to wear women’s dresses.

  • Women’s Dresses

    Ha ha! Hot pants on a guy, its so wrong. But I don’t see any pics of him actually wearing a woman’s dress…does one exist? It’d be too funny. Thanks

  • Women’s Sundresses

    Hmmm- that’s pretty weird. I’m not sure if I want to see more evidence of this behaviour. But,it’s a free world right ? To each their own …

    Womens Sun Dresses

  • M11

    He’s not gay. He’s just fancy boy. I love how he dresses. I get inspired on him and Beckham on how to dress and use my hair

  • Sandals for Women

    Not only does it not look good but clothes that tight can’t possibly be comfortable. What was he thinking ?