Cristiano Ronaldo kicks in car window

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New Real Madrid signing smashes glass over 17-year-old girl

Cristiano Ronaldo kicked in a car window as he hit out at a teenage girl who was allegedly filming him outside his home in Lisbon. Sara Pardal, aged 17, was covered in shards of glass and received hospital treatment for her alleged injuries, reports in the Portuguese media claim.

Ronaldo has admitted smashing the window, but claims the girl was working in conjunction with a paparazzi photographer who had been “standing for days on end in front of my house, eating yogurt and waiting for anything newsworthy to happen”.

When he spotted the girl – who claims she was just a fan – filming him, he leapt out of his £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (a make of car he doesn’t have much luck with) and smashed the window.

Ronaldo said: “This persecution caused my mother to be so disturbed and upset that I had to stop my car to try to convince them to leave us in peace.”

He claims he was then offered the chance to buy the video of the incident from the alleged male accomplice, but declined.

  • Will

    Guess he can’t stand people with unsmashed vehicles!

  • Rob

    Did he do 100 step overs before kicking the window?

  • Mohamed S.

    Frankly, I think CRon is a piece of shit but if someone was harassing my mother I’d smash their windows too.

    Also @Rob: That’s funny! 😀