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The year-round nature of football and the assortment of betting options available makes it a non-stop thrilling exercise that should not be missed. But many sports punters are intimidated by the many different teams, soccer leagues and competitions available. They simply do not know where or how to start. So, forget the teams, leagues and competitions for a moment. To keep it simple, let us just talk about the money lines in soccer betting.

MoneyLine: The money line is a great barometer in determining which side the market favours. There is one significant difference between soccer betting and, for example, baseball or NHL: in soccer you can bet on the draw.

For example, a BetUS Soccer money line might look like this:

Example of a BetUS Soccer line: Manchester United -150 Chelsea +400 Draw +250
In this example, Manchester United is favoured over Chelsea. If you wager on Manchester United, you will risk $15.00 to win $10.00. If you bet on Chelsea, you would win $40.00 for every $10.00 you risked if your team wins. If you lay your money down on the draw, then you stand to win $25.00 for every $10.00 risked.

It is not unusual in soccer to find a tight betting line where both teams fall in the underdog plane.

Another example of a BetUS Soccer line: Liverpool +135 Chelsea +185 Draw + 220
The above example is a money line you would never see in baseball or hockey – both teams are underdogs. The reason for this is the strong possibility of a draw. When you see a line like this, the draw is typically the best play.

However, anything can happen in sports. If you do a bit of research (yes, a tad bit of homework) on both teams, check out injuries, suspensions or anything that might sway you in favour of one or the other side it will be well worth the time as you stand to thank the money gods when you beat the bookies.
There are other options available as well, spreads, totals (over/under), futures and propositions. Saving those for next time. So check back again.

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