Imagine spending £80 million on a new player only to find out he can’t even do keepy-uppies and likes kissing little boys

Posted by - July 7, 2009 - Football videos

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his ball skills at presentation ceremony

Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled at the Santiago Bernabeu last night and showed that, just like English, he can only speak Spanish if he says all the letters the Portoogisch way, that he can’t do keepy-uppies and that he enjoys passionate moments with young boys.

You can almost hear 80,000 Real Madrid fans thinking, ‘Hmm, Zidane never lost possession when he was playing by himself’!

  • http://na Jude Flynn

    So far it’s been a Summer where:

    – the world record fee has been broken twice,
    – Ronaldo is worth 23 million more than that of Kaka
    – Michael Owen unscrupulously joins Man Utd on a free
    – Real Madrid look set to spend comfortably over 200 million

    It appears everything in football has a price. That price just happens to be as inflated and over-hyped as Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a great player against the likes of Wigan (no disrespect), but time and time again he goes missing against a team of any quality. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so obscenely tragic. I’m predicting C Ron will be a medium sized flop Spain-side.

  • Mohamed S.

    I predict Madrid will win piss all next season.

  • breed

    hehehehehehehehehehehe! yall are bitter thats wat!

  • Brooks

    I just got deja vu!