Joe Kinnear set to take charge of Newcastle again. Is it funny or sad?

Posted by - July 15, 2009 - Newcastle United

Newcastle continue to make life difficult for themselves

For most clubs, pre-season is now well under way and serious preparation beginning for the season ahead. Newcastle, on the other hand, are still owned by someone who doesn’t want to own the club, have a squad of overpaid players who don’t want to stay at the club and (if rumours are to be believed) are about to let a man who is quite literally not fit to manage the club take charge once again.

When Joe Kinnear was first appointed at St James’s Park I wrote on Soccerlens that it was bad news for all concerned. Kinnear has quit Wimbledon due to heart problems and now left his post at Newcastle under similar circumstances.

Not only would it be stupid for Kinnear to continue to put his body through the strains and stresses of management, it would be dangerous of Newcastle to appoint him once again.

Firstly, his contract has expired: Newcastle have no ties to Kinnear. Why risk appointing someone that you know has health problems seemingly exacerbated by football management to a job that is going to required a massive amount of input of time and effort?

Secondly, can Mike Ashley ethically (if that word is not entirely unfamiliar to him) put Kinnear back in the firing line knowing his medical history?

Kinnear himself has said: “I’ve gone from bad to being much, much better than I was. Things are working out well. I feel as fit as a fiddle.”

But that is because you haven’t been managing a football club, Joe.

  • Tom

    Pretty pointless article.. seeing as the club have issued an official denial. Jog on.

  • anthony

    more inept journalism!! go and get a job at mcdonalds

  • David

    Someones on the ball

  • Premier League Hull

    Tom, anthony, David : any article mocing the ‘mighty’ toon is far from a waste of time.

    Come on Donny Rovers!