Michael Owen: identity fraudster

Posted by - July 16, 2009 - Manchester United, Oddballs

“Are you sure these are all yours, sir?”

Alternative caption: Michael Owen is forced to ditch his collection of pet passports after learning his horses will not be allowed to accompany him on Manchester United’s tour of Asia.

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  • alanwhite

    Mr Owen, we have found the passports of the top European strikers you stole to prevent them flying for talks at United.

  • Rob

    No that wasn’t a pick up line madam, the boss told me if I pull anything I won’t get paid.

  • bitter

    At least two of them are his. The second probably under the name judas.

  • bitter

    owen steals 24 england squad passports but still cant get into south africa.

  • bitter

    my family are in florida and i’m in new york?

  • Mina

    Hi, I’d like to check in my physios please …

  • tm

    Mina, that was awesome! hHAHAHAHA