Michael Owen signs for Manchester United

Posted by - July 3, 2009 - Manchester United, Transfer News and Gossip

File under ‘things you never thought you’d see’

It still feels like a Photoshop somehow. Perhaps an entry into The Guardian’s Gallery on the theme of Michael Owen’s dreams. But no, it’s true: Sir Alex Ferguson has snapped up the ex-Newcastle man before he had even had chance to sign-on this week.

United were clearly attracted to Owen’s charisma, style and devotion And he passed a medical… We know!

  • Ala

    He’ll score at least 10 this season – United’s midfield is twice the quality of Newcastle’s and he will get more chances and he’ll put them away too. If he links up well with Rooney he’ll get into the South Africa squad too – Rooney’s already pretty likely to be in the England World Cup squad so if Owen can prove he can work well with him he’ll win back his international career.

    I think this will be a turning point in Owen’s career.

    Feel free to quote me when things go arse-up.

  • Dave

    Confused. Has Fergie finally lost it or is this just his impenetrable genius at work again? Suppose there’s nothing to lose on Owen. But if he signs Fowler then someone get him sectioned.

  • http://twitter.com/dileno Martin S.

    I cannot believe it, but it’s true. Probably a master stroke by genius Fergie, but it doesn’t seem right for now.

    Owen will probably be the only modern Liverpool connected player to win Premier League. Hehe.

  • Usama

    Get me the tank.

    No, seriously, this might be a masterstroke. I’ve always said a team only needs two top strikers and one who’s effective and can sit on the bench. More than two – United last season, you saw the end result. Less than two – Liverpool being dependent on Torres.
    In this scenario, with Rooney and Berba starting, and Owen knowing he’s been done a favor, will sit quietly on the bench and won’t throw any tantrums like Tevez. Neither is he a big money signing, which shields most players from being dropped e.g. Berbatov and Shevchenko.

    Looks like perfect balance to me.

  • Usama

    On a side note, I didn’t know I had hidden punditry instincts.

  • Louwrens

    I’m pretty sure it’s because he is Cool, Stylish, Global, Good Looking, Clean & Fresh. (c)


    considering manyoo’s current financial state, lil’ mickey “owen” is a perfectly named signing.

  • http://wedontknowfootball.com/ wdkf

    it doesnt seem right. wont he get struck by flood. lightning or a plague of locusts?

  • http://www.diehardgamefan.com Mohamed S.

    If Fergie paid money for Owen, I’d say he’s gone senile.

    But Owen for free? Pretty nice…

  • joe

    As always with Owen…he stays healthy, he’ll get you some goals. He gets injured…he gets you nothing. Not a huge gamble considering it’s a free transfer. Hopefully for United he’ll gel with Rooney.

  • Peter D

    I can’t believe it, but it seems to be true. Thanks for keeping us expats up to date with this surreal piece of news.