Nike help Manuel Almunia to stop conceding goals

Posted by - July 7, 2009 - Arsenal, Kitman

Oh! He’s just managed to Photoshop it over the bar!

We are a bit late to the party on this one having being dragged away from OTP Towers yesterday, but our friends at Twofootedtackle have dug up this gem.

Nike’s crack squad of marketeers and Photoshoppers decided this image of Manuel Almunia hanging in mid-air was too good not to use. The problem was he was conceding a goal at the time. Advertising fail. Not to worry though as it was nothing a bit of digital trickery wouldn’t fix.

See the results after the jump.

Oh, hello. What’s this then? Manuel’s got Arsenal’s new kit on for starters. He has also developed a God-like shiny aura. French car manufacturers have been airbrushed from history. And last but not least, the ball has been moved from its original position flying into the top corner to a mere finger-stretch away from Almunia.

  • alex d


  • Chris

    LOL, that is brilliant

  • russell

    and he has the new vapors on haha wtf?

  • steve

    totally what I expect from nike…
    just fake it!

  • Mark Markby – Add FC Arsenal Themes to your Google Search

  • Kyriakos

    haha nice work 😉

  • Tatyana21402

    haha it is very cool “bird”