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Phoenix Nights actor to bring Rafa Benitez to the big screen

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  • samuel charles

    what a joke site,, watch what you say about gerrard behined bars, i might be reporting that to his pa.

    do your self a favour whilr you take the mickey out of liverpool who you need to sell papers, reports etc, i think you will find you need liverpool more than they need your rubbish webpage that i only have just come into and i have been in the game for over 30 years,

    what a joke this web page is,, total joke

  • epiblast

    Wow, calm down a bit, mate. It’s just a bloody joke. I’m a Reds supporter from the States and even I know that!
    On the topic above; Fitz might actually be a good “stand in” for Benitez. Back then, he didn’t have the goatee…

  • Rob

    You should check the Hillsborough Justice campaign site, Liverpool fans don’t ever read the SUN newspaper or website due to the slander they dished out to our fans after the disaster.Lots of fans abroad don’t realise this but on Merseyside there is a huge boycott of the paper, or rag as most people call it. I’m not slagging you off, I just want fellow Reds to realise it’s not a done thing.

  • Zain

    I am from Karachi,Pakistan. Even i thought it wasn’t funny at all, i knew it was a joke but it was uncalled for. He was not proven guilty for his actions and still accusing him is wrong. He’s been a model for young kids growing up watching football looking at players like Adebayour dis-respecting his ex-team, manager and fans. He has a passion for the game and his fellow players. I would love to make a bigger impact by boy-cotting such newspapers but sadly i really cant do much from here. I would love to live the culture that is LFC. Hopefully if i save enough i’ll fky myself out watch a Liverpool match at the Kop End singing praise to the Greatest EVER Midfielder !!.
    YNWA !!.