Shaquille O’Neal issues Twitter challenge to David Beckham

Posted by - July 27, 2009 - MLS & US, Oddballs

Basketball star wants penalty shootout with celebrity soccer fan provoker

David Beckham has been challenged to a penalty shootout by basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. In a bid to promote his new TV show get Beckham roused for the contest, O’Neal chose the very personal medium of Twitter to throw down the gauntlet.

He wrote: “Dear david beckham, I kno u heard about my shaq vs show, anyway u will never score a goal on me, I challenge you lil man.”

Beckham – presumably equally as offended as OTP by people who think that scoring goals is something you do “on” people – did not respond within the 48 hours Shaq deemed acceptable (we can’t believe he didn’t check your Twitter for two days either, Shaq). This prompted the Cleveland Cavaliers player to take to his trusty keyboard once again.

He wrote: “Dear david beckham, dnt make me tweet to 2 million people that yur scared of shaq, u betta respnd, if u scared get a dog.”

In case you hadn’t heard, Shaq, Americans pointing out rather loudly that he already has a dog has been getting Becks into trouble lately.

Thanks to Fenix for sending this in.

  • Mo

    Shaq is gay

  • chris

    for those that aren’t familiar with shaq – this is typical behavior and it’s not a bad thing. he’s one of the funniest, most refreshing characters in sport.

  • Juani

    Poor Shaq… For him, goalkeeping will be like making free throws…

  • Trevor

    they should have a “Who does LA hate more?” contest