Sir Alex Ferguson wades in on the Manchester poster wars

Posted by - July 27, 2009 - Manchester City, Manchester United

Man Utd boss hits out at “small” Citeh

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has taken a swipe at Manchester City over the poster campaign we told you about last week. Fergie has criticised City for a billboard campaign featuring Carlos Tevez and the slogan ‘Welcome to Manchester’, which has spawned a series of spoof follow-up campaigns.

Ferguson said: “It’s City isn’t it? They are a small club with a small mentality. All they can talk about is Manchester United; they can’t get away from it. That arrogance will be rewarded. It is a go at us, that’s the one thing it is. They think taking Carlos Tevez away from Manchester United is a triumph. It is poor stuff.”

So how do your read this, OTP fans? Are City resorting to cheap point-scoring, or is Fergie rattled?

  • Johnno

    What about the 34 years banner on the Stretford End. Small club, small minded – and bitter.

    Tick tock..


  • Bart

    Taggart is clearly feeling the pressure, he says City talk about the Red debtors all the time but spends every Press Conference talking about City, obsessed!

  • bluemoon

    remind me again who has the record for largest gate EVER in England…So shut up Alex and sort out your own team problems,

    RIO ROONY & VIDIC they are the best players you have if anyone of them out for a long time & you will have big problems.

    Sounds like he is in fear of little old city…

  • Sheps

    I love how having the largest gate EVER which actually happened decades ago was just used as evidence that city are a big club now! Hilarious.

  • http://offthepost simon12

    Tevez isn`t worth it nah nah nah. They are small nah nah nah. Players going for the money nah nah nah..d`you wanna borrow some?

  • wllmhll

    does sound like ferguson is a bit peeved by the billboard. poor old man.

  • Collie

    Does anyone remember Demento saying Benitez had no respect for calling Everton a small club??? He really is losing it the contradicting self righteous old dick.