Steven Gerrard cleared of a affray

Posted by - July 24, 2009 - Liverpool, Ranting and Raving

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard found not guilty at Liverpool Crown Court

Thank goodness justice was done and seen to be done today at Liverpool Crown Court. Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard was cleared of affray after admitting punching a man he thought might be about to punch him but now admits wasn’t about to punch him.

The jury carefully studied the CCTV footage, also watched by OTP readers, and seemingly agreed that Gerrard had not seen his friend John Doran swing his elbow at victim Marcus McGee about 20cm in front of his eyes. They also decided that despite the fact all of Gerrard’s group had pleaded guilty to offences of affray or using threatening behaviour, the England international’s was the exception.

I wonder if a jury at Manchester Crown Court would have had a slightly different opinion on some of the evidence.

  • Gerhard

    An absolute disgrace. So basically what they are saying is the rich and famous can do as they please and get away with it. The judge and jury should be ashamed of themselves

  • Robert George

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Rocker

    Suck it up ur arses lads,Stevie is innocent!You’ll Never Walk Alone Gerrard!


    nice to see footballers making a mockery of the british “justice” system, yet again.

    admittedly, i wasn’t on the jury so am not aware of all the facts but the items available to the public make it clear that even someone as stupid as mike ashley could have made the correct call on this.

    don’t get me wrong, it would have been a shame for the forthcoming premiership season to be missing one of its best players and as an england fan, i want steven gerrard to be at next year’s world cup. but, this is ridiculous.

    and to make it worse, across all the forums we (“we” being the level-headed minority) have to endure countless moronic liverpool fans ranting “STEVIE G IS INOSENT”.

    fucking idiots.

  • Blake Lancaster

    I agree with Gerhard. I wish we could lay bets on the results of court cases and public enquiries. I would be mega-rich. I knew behorehand that the government would be cleared in the David Kelly enquiry, the police who murdered the Brazilian chap would walk away smirking, the Labour peers who took money for amending legislation would be “cleared” , the MP’s who fiddled £1,000’s would be let off etc etc This was one I would have put all my money on. There was no way he was going to be found guilty of anything. The thuggish behaviour was bad to be let off by the court was worse. We have two-tier justice in this country now.

  • Blake Lancaster

    FOCKS is right. The moronic ones were probably at Heysal along with people like Gerrard. In balance, I have to say that the Hillsborough tragedy was 100% down to the police.
    Did anything happen to them? Of course not. More money I could have won…

  • Amir

    Gerrard is so lucky to have the same lawyer as Michael Jackson, that’s why he went free.

  • Dan Factor

    If we are suggesting that Gerrard was only acquited because he is rich then by that logic every rich person who has ever been charged with a criminal offence is guilty and therefore should just be thrown in jail for being rich.