Top five best new Premier League kits

Posted by - July 10, 2009 - Kitman, Lists, Premier League

After the bad ‘uns, now the good ‘uns

1. Arsenal third
They might have nicked the design from Roger Federer, but the Gunners’ new third kit is a classy number. More than a nod to the Eighties (as well as to the tennis court) it is versatile as a replica but will also look great on the pitch. Good work, Nike.

2. Manchester City third

This one has not been officially launched yet (hence the poor quality photos) but it looks the business as far as we can see. Retro design, courtesy of Umbro. And the sponsor’s logo tucked under the crest rather than emblazoned across the shirt. We like it a lot.

3. Fulham home

Another Nike special. Fulham reap the rewards of not been lumbered with the ‘v’ foisted upon Manchester United. Instead they have a stylish home kit. It is another with an eye on the ghosts of football kits past.

4. Manchester City home

If you were part of the gang that didn’t like the new England kit, this might not be up your street either but OTP likes it. It is another timeless design from Umbro. City’s players will look cool in it, but you can imagine Mike Summerbee in it too. People might be asking him what on earth Etihad is, but that’s besides the point!

5. Hull City home

Hull have got kits for you, if you were born in the eighties, the eighties. A number of kit designers have jumped on the 1980s revival and put out retro efforts for next season. In Everton’s case that made them certainties for our worst kits list, but this new Hull shirt pulls the look off. Destined to baffle football historians in years to come. Oh, and Geovanni’s mum needs to sort out her ironing skills!

Definitely more bad kits than good ones this season. Do you have any favourites?

  • gunner

    That isn’t even Arsenal’s bloody kit…why not use a proper picture. The real third kit has grey sponsorship and pinstripes with a maroon stripe on the collar.

  • Ben

    That Man City third kit is terrible – looks like they nicked a sash from the Miss America competiton

  • C-saw

    “That isn’t even Arsenal’s bloody kit…why not use a proper picture. The real third kit has grey sponsorship and pinstripes with a maroon stripe on the collar.”

    What picture are you looking at gunner??
    Grey sponsors name, yep
    pinstripes, yep
    maroon stripe on collar, yep.

  • Gooner Grantski

    The new blue away kit FTW!

  • Rob Parker

    In gunner’s defence, I swapped the pic after he left that comment.

  • C-saw


    Now I look like a right charlie! haha

  • Usama Waheed
  • Rob Parker

    Yeah, what’s the mark below zero?! Doesn’t do it for me.

  • Usama Waheed

    Liverpool’s black and gold doesn’t cut it either?

  • arseman

    it’s just my opinion, but I find that Arsenal kit horrid….

  • Dublin Kopite

    Not one mention of Liverpool’s really rather classy “phantom” and gold effort?…. Fail!

  • Joe

    Arsenal kit doesn’t really do it for me…the MLS launched a bunch of pin stripe shirts back around 2000 which mercifully went away, they tend to look better in shop windows than they do on the pitch. Does the Man City 3rd shirt look to anyone else like a variation of the one from ‘Escape to Victory’? The Fulham one looks good, certainly better than their “one shoulder white, one shoulder black” from a year or two ago. There’s certainly a retro feel and most sides appear to be ditching the collar.

  • Matty Dub

    Is that the new man City home?? I saw a pic of Barry with a V-neck in teh style of Everton’s. Check the Guardian website I think

  • Matty Dub

    My Mistake… Was their training top in The Sun

  • Matthew Bailey

    Hull?! Why not Wolves?

    The United goalkeeper’s top is pretty snazzy. Also have a soft spot for the Liverpool away and 3rd kits, too. If anything, most of the kits for the upcoming season are AWFUL, but the ones that are good are very good indeed.

  • megaman789

    Seriously speaking, I didn’t like any of the kits here other than the Fulham one but thats jus my opinion.
    I can understand, OTP’s Choice but …

  • alex d

    this is just an up for simplicity on the jersey, not like a cool one. pin stripes..BIG FUCKIN DEAL

  • Ala
  • Gooner 999

    I’m not really happy how we’re following in Man Utd’s footsteps by releasing new kit after new kit. It’s a joke tbh – and f***kin pinstripes!? These new Arsenal kits couldn’t look any more chavy even if they were covered in burbury and came with a free issue of Max Power…

  • George Lee

    arsenal blue kit is better this is just the shit kit