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Top five worst directors of football

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  • wllmhll

    woodward was a puzzler, wasnt it. from rugby to football?

  • Mohamed S.

    Comolli was shit but you have to give him credit for all the money he got wheeling and dealing Berba.

  • Ibracadabra

    I’d say it’s unfair to put Grant up there. His work as an actual football director at Chelsea was limited – so if you include him because you are a Chelsea fan and believe Mourinho would have stayed had Grant not been hired, that’s one thing – but on the merits of work as a football director, I don’t think it’s a fair inclusion…

    Grant and Harry Redknapp had a great working relationship at Pompey and some good success together at Fratton Park… and Grant is now linked with Hearts..

    I think there are probably other directors who have been worse…

  • Tom

    Grant up there? This is some kind of a joke, isn’t it?

  • Tom

    1) Grant was chosen as Premier League Manager of the Month in April in his first season as Chelsea’s manager.

    2) On 30 April 2008, Grant’s Chelsea beat Liverpool 3-2 (4-3 on aggregate) to advance to the UEFA Champions League final !!!!!!!

    … is this really not enough not to be called one of the worst???

    Rob Parker (the author of this nonsense) is just an IDIOT… that’s all.

  • Jarek

    3.Dariusz Wdowczyk – he was buying games in polish second division like a pure businessman:))) Now in jail (?)

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