Top five worst new Premier League kits

Posted by - July 8, 2009 - Kitman, Lists, Premier League

The nastiest new shirt designs

1. Bolton home

Wanderers have been churning out some pretty awful home kits in recent years, and this is the worst of a bad bunch in OTP’s opinion. As we already mentioned, it looks like Bolton will be fulfilling the Premier League’s barcode quote in Newcastle’s absence.

2. Tottenham home (could easily be away)

Spurs’ new kit has gone down so well with their supporters that they have launched a petition against it. And we can see where the protesters are coming from. The fluorescent mustard ‘v’ on the collar is not very attractive.

3. Everton home

We are normally fans of retro efforts, but Everton’s new shirt misses the mark for us. It wasn’t a great design to replicate in any case, but extending the white triangle to create the plunging neckline was a big mistake from Le Coq Sportif.

4. Chelsea home

Another shirt that has been met with a distinctly mixed reception from the club’s fans, and that is putting it mildly. Comparisons to rugby shirts and concerns over how the panelled design will sit on the average Chelsea fan’s man boobs have been high on the list of complaints.

5. Everton away

Sorry, Toffees. You’ve done the double. This black with pink pinstripe hoops design doesn’t do it for us. We suspect this will go down in the history books as an all time great of bad kits in a few years.

It’s all subjective, of course. Let us know your top five worst kits below.

  • Jerry

    Typical gutter article.have not done your research?Have you not seen the Newcastle yellow Banana skin Shirt???
    How come the Bolton shirt be awful than Newcastle.

  • Frank_spencer

    Jerry it says PREMIER LEAGUE shirts.

    And unless you hadn’t noticed the barcodes are not in the PREMIER LEAGUE next season

  • JBwfc

    Yer Jerry You Stupid Bastard

  • Tom

    The Bolton shirt is a real quality stylish product far superior to the previous kit . It has some excellent detail on it & will be very popular. Let’s face it if it had a United badge on it -well it would be great!

  • dips

    leCoqSportif manufacture the everton kit now, not umbro.
    Still, the everton kits are the worst i have EVER seen!

  • kit

    also talking of factual errors on tht NASTY looking everton kit- can i highlight the badge on the left side which means that infact it wasn’t “a big mistake from Umbro” more a very bad effort on their first everton shirt by l’coq sportif.

    also i dont actually see the complaint with the spurs yellow streak, its a minor change and it doesnt look tht bad, i reckon wen they see the team wearing it in matchs they might appreciate it more.

    i also think the dirty black chevron on utds shirt looks worse than the panneled effort of chelsea.

  • Matty Dub

    Yea Jerry

  • Matthew Bailey

    No, no it wouldn’t. What’s with all the betting sponsors this season?

    Let’s wait and see if United’s Euro away/third kit is white. Then we’ll know who’s been looking through Liverpool’s design book. What are the chances of us both having black away tops? Still, at least ours doesn’t have Everton blue plastered across it.

  • kathmcp

    That Everton home shirt looks like a nasty little dress. A little 5 yr old girls dress. What a shocker.

  • Usama Waheed

    Everton away? They can’t be serious?

  • lee

    they could have made the bolton logo a bit smaller too. thought your meant to be proud of your team, not hide it.

  • darren

    haha, spud fans making a big deal out of a bit of yellow. bunch of whingers.

  • Barry

    Although it’s a hideous shirt yet again…the bolton home this season will have a pocket!!!
    it’s where the badge is
    If that doesnt redeem it i dno what will

  • CraigBwfc

    I agree with Tom.

    The proof that what he says is true is fact that BOTH of Manure’s kits this season are easily the worst. And yet, they are not in this list.

    That list was clearly made by a Manure supporter.

  • Matthew Bailey

    United’s kits are actually pretty good this year, compared to these monstrosities and previous years.

    1971-72 away – Yellow? All yellow? You wouldn’t catch LFC dressed like that*.
    1992-94 3rd – The great Newton Heath comeback.
    1995-6 away – Ahem. That’s what**.
    2000-01 3rd – Isn’t that a 20:20 cricket top?
    2001-02 3rd – Liberace special***.

    * Until the 1976-79 3rd kit, that is.
    ** Also see 1987-88 LFC away kit.
    *** As modelled by LFC for their 2004-2005 away and 2005-06 3rd kits.

  • Joe

    I’m not sure if this list is in a particular order but if it were I’d have to bump Everton Away up to #1. Hideous! The Chelsea kit is starting to look more and more like a sports bra with sleeves…not a fan. Everton my want to re-think their shirt designer…LCS did a crap job on both shirts. The spurs and bolton shirts don’t really look ALL that bad to me, although I think spurs should have navy trim instead of yellow. Is Chelsea’s away still the color of a steward’s safety vest, or is it the black with the numbers made from plumbing tape?? (I am Chelsea fan, but GOD those are both awful.)

  • Kevin

    Everton home…yikes. Looks like a dress.

  • Jax

    Jerry must feel quite the fool! Thought he’d picked out a right cherry, then goes and forgets that newcastle somehow managed to get themselves relegated! Surprised a Man Utd kit didn’t make it, but I hadn’t realised just how bad evertons were going to be! I’m looking forward to seeing the white Man U goalie kit in action, is it me, or do keepers not jump about, roll on the floor and all that malarky, you know, get muddy and that! Kit man ain’t going to be happy!

  • Usama Waheed

    Joe – Chelsea’s new away is blue and navy hoops, and 3rd is black and white hoops. It’s a love it or hate it thing, really.


  • http://na Jude Flynn

    Does anyone remember Barcode Battlers? Potential new Bolton nickname?

  • David

    i am a hull fan but i really like boltons new home kit its great

  • megaman789

    I can’t believ that there can be a kit as horrible as the Everton away kit!!!!

  • epiblast

    You can’t tell me that in addition to foolish looking panels on the Chelsea kit, you don’t have a problem with the fact that there is a zipper!?

  • Clicky

    Most of the new kits are hideous this year, it’s like the manufacturers have paid kids to design them. Man Utd’s new shirts with the arrow = deescusting!

  • roy kean

    chelsea’s kit is awesome!
    i dont know wat you r talking about mate

  • Frank_spencer

    epiblast there is no zipper it’s worse than that, it’s just a rubber strip that looks like a zipper! :-$

  • epiblast

    a fake zipper! i imagine it’s fake because fat frank doesn’t know how to operate a real zipper.

  • Jerry

    Listen to you all plonkers.It was an honest mistake.It was the 1st thing i did in the morning.Anyway i have bought the new Wanderers shirt.i like it.Nought wrong witth that.
    i bet all you Bolton fans who are saying it’s hideous etc.. will have bought one or planning to.But not man enough to admit it.

  • matt

    as a bolton fan, every year I look at the new kits and think ‘not going to buy that.’ the only satisfaction is that everton fans have it worse this year.

  • Adam

    Before we jump to conclusions, that proposed Everton away shirt has yet to be confirmed. While it was leaked with a picture of the home kit that turned out to be accurate there’s no guaranteeing that it will actually end up looking anything like that – there’s been no word on the release of the kit so hopefully the club told them to shove the black and pink number up their arse and return to the drawing board.

    As for the home one, it looks bad there, granted. However, when worn properly and fitted well it actually doesn’t look too bad. It’s not the best kit ever, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. For a review of it, check here:

  • kit

    tell u wat really makes the bolton home shirt, its tht background, its nice, makes it seem sort of heavenly.

  • Will

    Why….. why did they do this to my great everton?

  • Glynn Parry

    The Everton AWAY shirt is even worse than it looks here, it has a pink badge and pink LCS logo awfull and im an Everton fan