Video: David Beckham confronts angry LA Galaxy fans

Posted by - July 20, 2009 - Football videos, MLS & US

Becks picks fight with Riot Squad

David Beckham had a half-time confrontation with LA Galaxy fans in his first home match since returning from his loan spell at AC Milan. Conveniently the match was against AC Milan, just to focus the anger of LA Galaxy’s lamely named Riot Squad hardcore support.

Becks version of events, which do seem to veer slightly away from what the footage shows, was: “I tried to shake one of the guy’s hands but he didn’t want any of it. That’s the way it is.”

It looks to OTP’s eyes more like Beckham invited a fan down to pitchside for a little more face-to-face confrontation. The ex-England skipper was the subject of boos, obscene chants and angry banners. Despite his previous protestations that the abuse would be water off a duck’s back, he did seem a little rattled.

  • James HOLLOWAY

    One of the greates footballers of all time in a country which does not respect the rest of the world or what i can offer.