Video: Is this madman Cristiano Ronaldo?

Posted by - July 3, 2009 - Football videos

Footage of the window-kicking incident

Remember we told you Cristiano Ronaldo had smashed a car window over a 17-year-old who was filming him? Well, this is supposedly the footage.

The alleged Ronaldo, dressed up in a crisp white shirt as he headed to, erm, and Elton John concert, is seen racing towards the camera like a lunatic.

If this footage is real it sadly puts paid to the wonderful scenario suggested yesterday by OTP reader Rob, who pondered: “Did he do 100 step overs before kicking the window?”

Video via The Offside

  • Ala

    [Spanish] Elton John [More spanish]

    Made me laugh.

  • Ani!

    people !!!!!….stop stalking him!!!!!!!!….

  • Dereck

    I really don’t care what he is doing outside.

  • Gloria

    Even when you r a celebrity— you r still HUMAN! I think that press & paparazzi forgot that… so the press have got to let Ronaldo SOME space before it will get worse…