Video: Mexico coach Javier Aguirre fouls Panama’s Ricardo Phillips

Posted by - July 10, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs, South America

Tackling from the technical area

OTP has heard of managers ‘kicking every ball’ from the dugout, but this incident takes the mickey a bit. Mexico coach Javier Aguirre was sent-off during yesterday’s draw with Panama after kicking out at Ricardo Phillips as he made a run down the wing.

“I would like to apologize in order of the Mexican fans, the Mexican team, the Mexican press, everyone involved with the Mexican national team, to the officials and workers because I didn’t have very good conduct,” said Aguirre. Nor a very good translator, by the sounds of that quote!

Harshly, Phillips was also sent-off for reacting to being kicked by the opposition manager!

Video via 101GG

  • ronnie

    this could have gotten way otta hand

  • inconclusive

    I can’t decide if there was intent or not. I read spanish and his quotes on the mexican sites are basically saying that he was trying to trap the ball and Phillips ran into his leg. But the replay shows his foot isn’t anywhere near the ball and he could see the guy coming. So who knows. It was probably on purpose, as much as anything that happens so fast is. I wish they’d just make coaches sit on the bench. What’s the purpose of them strutting on the touch line anyhow, like they’re doing anything? Let the players be the focus of attention, not some has been tecnico.

  • Woody Hayes

    Good job, my boy. Even though you aren’t a player, take a shot at the guy on the field.

    Javier Aguirre is a chump and a coward and should be immediately fired. Let’s see if Mexico steps up and does the right thing. I’m not holding my breath.