Video: Norwegian player gets his eye poked during goal celebration

Posted by - July 8, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs

Another hilarous celebration from Scandinavia

During the recent match between Bryne and Stavanger, Bryne’s Karl Morten Håland’s involvement in the team’s goal celebration was abruptly cut short when he was poked in the eye by a leaping Christian Gauseth.

Equally funny as the incident itself was Gaulseth’s post-match comments. He said: “I did actually feel my fingers slip into his eye ball. It was almost like pressing a finger down on a pack of butter.”

It seems Norwegian goal celebrations are all about pain or pleasure at the moment.

Thanks to OTP reader Johanna for the tip.

  • Usama Waheed

    Hmmm…this was quite a few weeks/months ago, and I think I spotted it on an OTP comment. Hilarious nonetheless!