Video: Norwegian player scores the easiest 40-yard free kick you are likely to see

Posted by - July 14, 2009 - Football videos

Think this one has to go down as a goalkeeping error

Sometimes goals are scored from 40 yards and the keeper can do absolutely nothing about them. This is not one of those instances. The Odd Grenland keeper isn’t victim to a top corner thunderbolt, nor an awkward bounce. He simply stands rooted to the spot anticipating a defensive header which never comes and the ball bounces past him and into the net.

The scorer of this goal was potential threat to civil liberties soundalike Hunter Freeman of Start.

Spotted on Norwegian Football Blog

  • mofo

    scrapping the bottom of the barrel otp…

  • Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    are you kidding me?? IK START !!

    I <3 them.

  • andersen

    he”s american.