Video: Norwegian player violates his praying team-mates

Posted by - July 1, 2009 - Football videos, Hard Tackle, Oddballs

“Dude, we’re trying to pray.”

Norwegian football witnessed one of the most distasteful celebrations of all time when Sandefjord’s Espen Nystuen dry humped team-mates Admir Rascic and team-mate Fenan Salcinovicran as they bowed down in prayer following Rascic’s goal against Strømsgodset.

Presumably inspired by Egypt’s recent bum-sniffing celebration, while the two Muslim players were prostrating to Allah, Nystuen was more interested in prostates.

He has since been telling anyone who will listen that he is not gay, honest.

Spotted on The Spoiler

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    I’d like to know what Alan Pardew makes of this celebration…