Video: Ronaldo love of falling on left wrist ends in broken hand

Posted by - July 28, 2009 - Football videos, Oddballs, South America

Chubby Brazilian’s wrist can’t withstand weight of chubby Brazilian

How the mighty have fallen. Literally. Originaldo is facing five weeks on the sidelines after breaking bones in left hand taking this fall during Corinthians’ match against Palmeiras.

The hefty striker might have shed a couple of pounds since he started playing regularly again, but it seems he is still fat enough to manage spectacular acts of clumsiness.

Ronaldo may or may not have weakened his wrist with this disastrous recent free-kick fail in which he lands on the same hand.

A Corinthians doctor said: “We had further exams and we can confirm Ronaldo has suffered a break in his left hand. He will be out of action for four or five weeks.

“His hand is really swollen and it’s hard to examine it properly. We will do a further test and decide in a few days.”

Surely most of his body appears really swollen most of the time. OTP reckons he will need to do some more dieting before they can assess the injury properly.

  • Brooks

    Actually, as the scoreline in the video says, that flubbed free kick was from a match against Vitoria two weeks ago. Here’s the Palmeiras tackle that resulted in the broken hand last weekend:

    Although, maybe the embarrassment of falling on his rear made his bones extra brittle for what happened the following week?

  • Omar

    This is absurd…he didn’t break hand in this play!!

  • Rob Parker


    Cheers, Brooks. Duly amended.